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Genesis VANAD 300 Mouse Bungee USB HUB

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PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesMouse Bungee from Genesis

Mouse bungee Genesis Vanad 300 is a small device that supports the mouse cable, which increases its control and speed of movements during virtual clashes. Flexible soft rubber arm allows the player to move the mouse freely and also acts as an organizer, which allows to organize the desk from the tangled cables. The rubber clamps on the arm adapt to every cable thickness.

Genesis Vanad 300 greatly improves game comfort, because it eliminates cable friction on the desk, and reduces the weight of the mouse while supporting the cable, which greatly increases the player's reaction speed, mouse acceleration and smoothness of movements and gives an advantage over the opponents. An additional advantage of Vanad 300 is its gaming appearance and red backlight, which will certainly be an interesting gadget on the desk of an avid player.

Vanad 300 functionality increases the integrated 4-port USB 2.0 HUB that allows easily connect any USB devices within reach of your hand, which solves the problem of the lack of free USB ports in the computer and gives free access to management of connected devices. HUB is powered by detachable 150 cm long USB cable.


In the case of mouse bungee devices, an important feature is their stable construction. Vanad 300 is equipped with three rubber non-slip feet that keep it in place even during sudden movements of the mouse.

Article number:

Our article number: 16261
Manuf. article number: NBU-1441


Genesis, a complete range for gaming - Genesis is a manufacturer of gaming accessories that was started in 2011 and since its inception they have been 
manufacturing gaming equipment for gamers of all levels. Their goal is to have a wide range that helps players at different levels to achieve new goals.
With their wide range, they can help gamers with all aspects of their game.

Genesis believes that their power comes from the contact between their products and their users, then in the end it is the user who will dictate the value of the product.
Every single gamer is slowly but surely building a community and in Genesis' case it's #genesisgaming.



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