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Glorious G-Floats Model O/O- Ceramic Skates


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PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesMouse skates from Glorious

Glorious G-Floats are our premium, ultra-durable and ultra-smooth mouse feet, designed for the Model O and O-. The G-Floats are made from Polished Ceramic, giving you the most amazing, satisfying, and consistent glide you have ever experienced. So frictionless you'll feel like your mouse is floating!

With just the right balance of speed and stopping power, our G-Floats will forever change how you game. Love using a hard pad but tired of changing out your skates? The unique materials and construction of the G-Floats greatly increases the lifespan. They will almost never wear down, giving you consistently high performance years after your first use.

So what is the difference between G-Skates vs G-Floats?

G-Skates are constructed from a soft 100% pure Virgin PTFE that gives you a smooth and controlled glide. They are the industry gold standard, but do tend to wear out over time, especially on certain surfaces.

G-Floats are constructed from a hard, Polished Ceramic compound, tooled to fit the Model O and O-. These provide an extremely fast and consistent glide. Due to their construction, Float's have an extremely long life-span and do not wear out easily.

The type of mousepad you use could significantly affect the performance of your G-Skates or G-Floats. The table below can give you a general idea (note: this performance may vary between specific brands and surface-materials)

Article number:

Our article number: 100035
Manuf. article number: GLO-FT-O-GF


Glorious, born from a community of passionate gamers who demanded the best - Started by PC gamers, for PC gamers. Glorious Gaming provides hardware and accessories designed for elite performance, premium quality, and affordability for all and has challenged the traditional PC gaming industry since its inception in 2014.

Glorious's products were built to meet the needs of both serious gamers who wanted more than anyone else had to offer and the beginner who is just looking for their first gaming mouse. Since they were one of the first to offer an ultra-light gaming mouse with RGB lighting, they have only continued to take the gaming industry by storm.



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