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PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesMouse skates from TJ Exclusives

PlastiX Skates - Dots are the perfect accessory when your skates are getting old and worn. These skates are created with a unique hybrid material that provides superior durability and performance. Compared to traditional materials, this material is up to 15 times more wear-resistant than PTFE and up to 8 times more wear-resistant than UHMW. PlastiX is ideal for glass or fabric mats and thanks to its superior glide, you can easily improve performance.

With a focus on long-lasting quality and a smooth sliding surface, these skates are developed to give you a long-lasting and smooth experience every time you play. Enjoy durable and reliable PlastiX Skates - Dots to maximize your gaming experience!

  • The PlastiX skates have an initial play period of 3-4 hours. After this period, the skates will become much smoother and quieter, while adapting to the surface they slide on. Follow the installation guide to speed up the mouse feet initialization process.
  • PlastiX skate's material can generate a slightly higher noise than other skates. This is due to the exceptionally durable blend of three plastic types.

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Our article number: 31041
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Material Hybrid
Colour Black
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