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Quaoar Telos Control Skates - Pulsar X2/X2 Mini/X2V2/X2H


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PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesMouse skates from Quaoar

Newly launched Telos Control Mouse Skates for Pulsar X2 / X2 Mini. Telos mouse feet are made of hybrid material. Thanks to high-density processing and reinforced material, these skates offer smooth but unmatched friction resistance. The hardness and mirror-like finish of the contact surfaces is something out of the ordinary that PTFE skates offer.

With Telos mouse feet you get control over the mouse that is made for the professional level. These skates are something you should consider if you are thinking of replacing your original skates, which is recommended as mouse feet wear out after a while.

Article number:

Our article number: 28744
Manuf. article number: QGGMSCTRL01-PUL-X2




Material Hybrid
Fits Pulsar
Colour Black
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