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Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn PRO Gaming Mousepad - XXL - XSOFT - Red

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PC PeripheralsMousepad from Lethal Gaming Gear

Welcome to the next iteration of our mouse pads, the PRO series! The PRO series features many changes from the standard series that we have been working over a year on. The surface is unchanged, however, the base material is much softer than our standard rubber base. The new Xsoft foam base allows for the user to get more stopping power by pressing down into the pad while allowing a more comfortable experience overall while still sticking to your desk surface effortlessly. The softer base has also allowed us to improve the stitching even further. The new stitching is tighter, more durable, and even less noticeable during use. All PRO series pads come flat packed so it will lay flat immediately out of the box.

The Saturn mousepad is designed for those who want control while still having an easy glide. Named aptly after Saturn, it has good amount of control with a little something special. Static friction is on the lower end of the spectrum for control pads while the dynamic friction provides a locked in feel without being "muddy". The surface itself is mostly smooth but has a light texture. It features a natural rubber base and stitched edges.

Due to the nature of the Xsoft base, please allow ~1cm variance in sizing.

Mostly smooth yet textured surface that focuses on a medium glide speed with adequate stopping power
Type: Control / Medium
Xsoft foam base
Low profile stitched edges
Made of Polyester
Thickness: 3.5mm

Article number:

Our article number: 26680
Manuf. article number: LGG-SaturnPro-Xsoft-XXL-R


LGG started in 2019 to provide the USA and Canada with peripherals and accessories for PC games that are difficult to obtain. People in these regions would no longer have to order from abroad and wait a month to get these products. Since then, LGG has grown to carry more and more products.

In 2021, they invested in developing their mouse pad line that primarily focuses on fabric quality without emptying your pockets. This is the culmination of a year of research, development and testing by us and professional aimers. LGG would like to extend a very humble thank you to all customers for supporting us and turning these mousepads into reality. We hope you like them!



Stitched edges Yes
Backlight No
Wrist rest No
Colour Red

Size & weight

Thickness 4 mm
Width 1000 mm
Depth 500 mm
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