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NiP or Ninjas in Pyjamas is an experienced, Swedish gang that has been involved in eSports since 2000, primarily in Counter-Strike. The team behind NiP has been involved in winning countless victories in eSports, including in CS GO and having fans fixed their eyes on them. More recently, they have expanded their business by also starting to offer gaming equipment such as keyboards, gaming chairs and mice in the form of their second brand Xtrfy. Ninjas in Pyjamas have also developed typical and comfortable jersey or cotton gaming clothes in the form of t-shirts, jackets and hoodies, but you can also find fun gadgets like umbrellas, mousepads, stickers and keychains.

Follow in NiP's footsteps
Ninjas in Pyjamas has grown over time and has several offices in all corners of the world where with knowledge and a large dose of motivation, the new generation of game accessories is developed, while continuing to excel in competitions. However, the head office is located in Landskrona, Sweden. Their purpose is to continue to take the step further and create game accessories and accessories that both have important functions and which at the same time provide a light flash in existence when one as a player feels perfect. NiP was the first team in eSports that invested in gaming accessories and has now become a leading player in the market. The gang has reaped so much success that they have even cooperated with the Swedish government to some extent and that does not say a little.

NiP's wide range can be found at MaxGaming
Ninjas in Pyjamas has really not been limited in the gaming world's peripherals. Many products have been developed that will satisfy and benefit the most busy players and make them feel at home. Clothing, computer equipment, energy drinks, accessories and large gaming chairs are just a few to take into consideration, and since it is a completely eSports team that is behind design and production, one can be sure that they thought well before launch. At MaxGaming you can find most of their range for an optimal gaming event.
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