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Genesis Seaborg 350 Driving Wheel (Multiplatform)

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Product description

Console Accessories from Genesis

  • 15 buttons
  • Two-motor vibration
  • Carbon fiber finish
  • Mounting device included
  • Works with PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch.
The Seaborg 350 is a professional racing wheel created for naturally gifted rally drivers who appreciate the perfect reproduction of driving in a virtual world in relation to what is currently happening with the wheel in their hands. The functionality and quality of performance of the Seaborg 350 will make it addictive for you to overcome even the most demanding routes, releasing a huge amount of endorphins during the journey and the moment you reach the finish line for the first time?

In today's world, one day you're driving a luxury car on your PC, and the next day you can be racing on demanding routes with a console connected to your TV. To meet your exact expectations, we have developed an advanced steering wheel that you can connect to multiple devices. With the Seaborg 350 you always run at the highest level, regardless of whether you are on a PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Switch.

The Seaborg 350 is not just a circle that connects you to the virtual racing track. In addition to the steering wheel, you also have access to modern, realistic spring brake and accelerator pedals, as well as a solid lever and gear lever. All this so you can forget about the real world and have full control over your car.

In an important race where you have to crush the competition, you can't worry about the stability of your cockpit and thumb the accuracy. The Seaborg 350 is equipped with a solid mounting bracket and 6 strong stabilizing suction cups, so that even with 180 degrees of strong movement, the construction is unbroken.

The wheel is created to be a portal to the virtual, exciting world of racing. The Seaborg 350 is equipped with powerful vibrations that reproduce exactly what is happening to your car with a shaking steering wheel - just as if you were sitting in it!

The Seaborg 350 steering wheel is not only equipped with 15 buttons, including an 8-way DPAD, but also allows you to configure them all to your liking. You are the driver, it is your cockpit, your steering wheel and your way of doing things.

The 10-inch steering wheel is made entirely of high-strength components that allow you to ride extremes for years without worrying about your cockpit. But the solid construction of the Seaborg 350 is not the only advantage here. To ensure a firm, safe and comfortable grip, the steering wheel is equipped with a high-quality rubber material.

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Our article number: 15774
Manuf. article number: NGK-1566


Genesis, a complete range for gaming - Genesis is a manufacturer of gaming accessories that was started in 2011 and since its inception they have been 
manufacturing gaming equipment for gamers of all levels. Their goal is to have a wide range that helps players at different levels to achieve new goals.
With their wide range, they can help gamers with all aspects of their game.

Genesis believes that their power comes from the contact between their products and their users, then in the end it is the user who will dictate the value of the product.
Every single gamer is slowly but surely building a community and in Genesis' case it's #genesisgaming.



Colour Blue


Warranty 2 year warranty
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