Moza Racing SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit -


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Moza Racing SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit


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PC PeripheralsGamepad from Moza Racing

This is an upgrade kit for Moza SR-P Lite pedals (sold separately).

Moza SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit - the ultimate upgrade to the riding experience. If you want to improve your pedal feel, look no further than this kit. It is designed with a combination of spring and damping blocks that provide higher braking resistance, giving you an incredibly advanced, progressive and realistic pedal feel that takes your riding experience to the next level. And it's made with sturdy and durable materials designed to withstand thousands of hours of use. In addition, it is easy to install - just attach two screws and push the lower pivots into their slots.

Grab and upgrade your riding experience today with the Moza SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit! With this kit for your SR-P Lite pedals, you can really adjust the brake to your own liking.

  • Performance Kit
  • Allen Key X2
  • Fixed Axis
  • M3 Screw X2
  • Spacer X2
  • Spring X2
  • Damping Block X1

Article number:

Our article number: 23321
Manuf. article number: RS22


Moza Racing made its debut in the Sim Racing world in 2021 after rigorous research and development of vehicle chassis technology, with a particular focus on developing fully active suspension systems. By pioneering the development and maintenance of a fully active system for vehicle suspension, they paved the way for its progression in the industry.

MOZA Racing has established itself as a significant competitor in the fast-paced sim racing world, and its offering includes a unique combination of skill and experience. With an extensive background in car accessories, electric motors and chassis dynamics, they now bring all this expertise together to create the most optimal steering wheels and accessories. Moza Racing provides premium products for Sim Racing in different price ranges and models, giving customers a wide range of high-quality options.



Colour Black, Red


Warranty 1 year warranty
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