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Samson is an American company that by now has been an industry leader in sound technology for a long time. At the start, the workforce 
consisted of only two people with a passion for sound and sound technology, they have now expanded to become one of the world's largest
manufacturers of microphones and other sound equipment. Their first breakthrough came when they succeeded in revolutionizing sound
technology in 1985 when, under the Hartke brand, a bass amplifier was manufactured that could perform far more dynamically than was
previously possible. However, they are best known today as manufacturers of microphones. No wonder as they realized in 2005 the value of
combining USB technology with microphones to create recording capabilities that did not require any peripherals.

It was now much easier to make recordings with professional sound; all that was needed was a laptop with a USB input and a USB
This has meant that Samson's products are used by professionals and amateurs in all possible contexts to record podcasts,
vlogs and much more in more than 140 countries.

At present, however, no USB cable is required to be able to record and transmit audio for your streaming sessions. Wireless microphones are what matters now.
Samson G Track Pro is a studio microphone with good sound quality while being easy to handle. It is an excellent streaming microphone for Twitch,
Youtube videos, podcasts and so on. You can easily check the microphone's functionality with a USB interface and included software. In addition to microphones,
Samson's product line also includes easy-to-use and affordable equipment that makes you a complete broadcaster.
A four-channel mixer table and a pair of headphones and you can broadcast and record not only your own gaming sessions with professional sound but also
let your friends participate.

At Maxgaming you will find the equipment from Samson that you need to lift your recordings and broadcasts to a professional level.
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Samson Satellite USB Microphone
Satellite USB Microphone
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