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Durock Stabilizers Plate Mount Piano Gold


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PC PeripheralsKeyboards & AccessoriesCustom keyboardStabilizers from Durock

Plate Mount stabilizers from Durock. When it comes to Durocks' stabilizers, the community often refers to them being "The Rolls Royce of stabs". With its incredible gold-plated stainless steel quality and polymer nylon housing, you can bet you will get the optimized stabilization in your keyboard. 

A 60% keyboard usually needs 4x 2u and 1x 6.25u stabilizers. A full-size keyboard needs 7x 2u and 1x 6.25u or 7u. 

Included are
  • 1x 6.25u
  • 1x 7u wire
  • 4x 2u

Article number:

Our article number: 21933
Manuf. article number: DU-STAB-V2-PLATE-PIAN


Durock is a leading brand in the keyboard industry specializing in mechanical keyboard keys, also known as switches. Their main goal is to offer high-quality and reliable components that enhance the typing and gaming experience. Durock is recognized for its innovative switch designs, which inspire other manufacturers in the industry.

The company's popularity is based on its dedication to quality, performance and usability. Durock switches are praised for their smooth activation, distinctive sound and long-lasting reliability. Their range includes different types of switches, giving keyboard enthusiasts the opportunity to customize their keyboards according to their own preferences.



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