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Vortex is a manufacturer of exclusive gaming keyboards. The goal is to be able to offer nicely designed products of high quality with many unique features at an attractive price. The company was founded in 2010 and compared to most of its competitors, they are fairly new to the industry. They have had to fight to succeed in standing out from the crowd. In 2015, Vortex made several major changes to make their keyboards even better. Among other things, they have developed the Vortex POK3R, which is, to say the least, a special mechanical gaming keyboard. It is extremely small and minimalist. They themselves talk about "hacker size" when they describe the form factor. In addition, the keyboard can be adapted to a whole new level. Each individual key can be programmed depending on what your own needs look like. The product shows that Vortex is a creative company that does not hesitate to try new, exciting solutions.

Although Vortex gaming keyboards may look a little different compared to competitors, they have not compromised on quality. The keyboards have strong chassis made of aluminum which ensures that they are robust and durable. Vortex uses Cherry MX switches for their mechanical keyboards and they are known to give an incredibly good feeling. The fact that several of their products are very small and light also makes them very mobile. For those who like LAN or competing in e-sports, it is perfect with keyboards that are easy to carry.

With us, you will find Vortex's best gaming keyboard, not least the popular Vortex POK3R series. The keyboard is available in several different variants, including Vortex POK3R PBT with keys in PBT plastic that gives a slightly different feeling compared to ABS plastic. All products from Vortex are known for their quality and will withstand many years of diligent use. Also, keep in mind that the minimalist form factor can save a lot of space at the computer. Sometimes it is nice to have more space for other accessories and then a product from Vortex can be an excellent choice.
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