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The Chinese company VPRO has many eggs in the basket and they also have many high demands on their equipment. Their purpose is to tackle the ultra-serious gaming world by manufacturing high-quality peripherals and smart technology that challenges competitors while always wanting to bring a dispute into their range. It is believed that gaming equipment must meet two main requirements - firstly to deliver a solid gaming experience for the player and at the same time create a perfect gaming session through its functions, and all this at a reasonable price. That being said, VPRO has many challenges on its shoulders. The company's main company is called Rapoo and was founded in 2002.

VPRO's offering
VPRO manufactures accessories in both gaming audio and what belongs to a serious gamer's tools and equipment in general, such as mechanical keyboards, gaming headsets, and mice. The mechanical keyboards are generally spill-proof, as the material and design in combination create unique protection that allows the thirsty gamer to place drinks on the table. A game-safe keyboard is really a savior in times of need when you do not want to interrupt a game session, even to drink a glass of water. The spill-proof keyboard from VPRO is called VPRO V500 and is even more advantageous due to the long life of the keys, which can withstand up to 60 million strokes. The V500 also does not take up much space, making it the ultimate keyboard to take with you for e-sports events or LAN meetings. VPRO's headphones in combination with the keyboards, provide an ideal gaming experience with sound insulation capabilities and adjustable volume and microphone. Both keyboards, mice, and headsets have LED lighting, which makes them a perfect gaming kit both functionally and from a design perspective.

VPRO and Maxgaming
Mice, mechanical keyboards, and headphones from VPRO are available in Maxgaming's range and the unique design in collaboration with the technical details contributes to VPRO being a popular brand among our customers. If you are a serious player who also has a twinkle in his eye, then VPRO is the choice for you!

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