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Product description

PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesGaming miceWired from SteelSeries

Designed to Win Championships
Every aspect of Prime+ was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: Victory. Co-developed with over 100 top esports pros, Prime+ is the pinnacle of competitive gaming mice. Its revolutionary switches, pro-grade sensor, and battle-tested shape put it in a class of its own.

Revolutionary Optical Magnetic Switch
The unique design of the Prestige OM Switch leverages neodymium magnets to deliver the most consistent crispy clicks – rated for 100M clicks, up to 5x longer than competition. Paired with an input beam of infrared light, each click registers at quantum speeds.

TrueMove Pro+ Optical Gaming Sensor
True 1-to-1 tracking, 18,000 CPI, 450 IPS, 50G acceleration, and tilt tracking to eliminate unwanted tracking during angled drops, tilt slams, and quick flicks, plus a customizable secondary lift-off sensor.

Full On-Board Customization
Direct software-free customization of all polling rates, RGB, lift-off distance, and CPI settings.

Battle-tested Form Factor
Lightweight 71g design developed with esports pros for sustained comfort and durability.

Textured Matte Finish
New and easy-to-clean dependable non-slip grip for the highest levels of play in spite of moisture.

Super Mesh USB-C Cable
All-new soft microfiber mesh cable provides less drag and a lighter feel for small and large sweeps.

Article number:

Our article number: 18755
Manuf. article number: 62490


You can't say the words e-sport and gaming without mentioning SteelSeries. They have since 2001 time and time again developed products that has taken the market to new levels, for example with the first mousepad made out of glas, the first mechanical keyboard for gaming or the first mouse specifically made for World of Warcraft. They have been involved in the e-sport scene with sponsorship even from the start.

SteelSeries are famous for creating products that receive legendary status, for example with the QcK mousepad, that has been a excellent choice for pro gamers for over 15 years. Their products are developed to fit every competetive player that needs reliable equipment for deciding moments in the game and to the beginner that is just about to buy their first gaming mouse.



Connection USB
Wireless No


Sensor model TrueMove Pro+
Sensor Optical
DPI 18000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Number of buttons 5
Backlight Yes
Scroll wheel Yes
Colour Black

Size & weight

Cable length 2.1 m
Width 67.9 mm
Depth 125.3 mm
Height 42.4 mm
Weight 71 (no cable) g


Warranty 2 year warranty
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Peter. 2022-10-31

Good mouse. Have it as an alternative/backup to my Rival 600 and Rival 650. This has slightly better precision than the Rival 600 (which is almost perfect). Ergonomically Rival 600 wins and the Lift-off sensor is better in Rival 600. Good: *0 (zero) % DPI deviation in 400 t if 1600 DPI. This is almost better than the Rival 600 which has 2.5% deviation. *Good precision. *Hard plastic everywhere and no loose rubber pieces like the Rival 600 had issues with. Cons: *Not as physically stable on the mouse mat compared to the Rival 600 when it comes to staying on the mat at a perfect 90 degrees, if you make quick powerful movements where you "slam" the mouse into the mat after lifting, there may be some misses sometimes when it can temporarily lean 1-2 degrees too much to the left or right for half a second, this as it is a little narrower and also thinner/lighter (and thus has a little flex in the plastic) constructed than the Rival 600. The flex in the plastic means that if you grip the mouse hard/forcefully, there is sometimes 1-3 pixels of movement in one direction, this is of course very little, but it would be best if it were 0 (zero) like on the Rival 600. *The two side buttons are a little too small , it works, but it was nicer with the Rival 600 buttons when you use them all the time. *If I put a certain color (RGB) in the scroll wheel and save, it is forgotten and goes back to Orange color after restarting Windows. Summary: For me, this mouse (Prime +) is currently the only worthy replacement for the Rival 600. The Rival 5 has a higher DPI deviation than the Rival 600, so I don't see it as a replacement. It has slightly worse ergonomics than the Rival 600 for my larger hand (size 11 in gloves) but is still good and is in a class with the best mice. The Lift-Off sensor has not worked as well as in the Rival 600 and I think it works better with the Lift-Off sensor completely turned off. Overall, I can still recommend the mouse because it has such incredibly good precision.

Bra mus. Har den som alternativ/backup till min Rival 600 och Rival 650. Denna har lite bättre precision än Rival 600 (som är nästan perfekt). Ergonomiskt vinner Rival 600 och Lift-off sensorn är bättre i Rival 600. Bra: *0 (noll) % DPI deviation i 400 t om 1600 DPI. Detta är t om bättre än Rival 600 som har 2.5% deviation. *Bra precision. *Hårdplast överallt och inga gummibitar som kan lossna som Rival 600 hade problem med. Minus: *Inte lika stabil fysiskt på musmattan jämfört med Rival 600 när det gäller att hålla sig på mattan perfekt 90 grader, gör man snabba kraftfulla rörelser där man ''slår ner'' musen i mattan efter ett lyft så kan det bli någon miss ibland då den tillfälligt kan luta sig 1-2 grader för mycket till vänster eller höger i en halv sekund, detta då den är lite smalare och även tunnare/lättare (och därmed har lite flex i plasten) konstruerad än Rival 600. Flexningen i plasten gör att greppar man hårt/kraftfullt i musen så blir det ibland 1-3 pixlar rörelse åt något håll, detta är förståss väldigt lite men bästa vore om det var 0 (noll) som på Rival 600. *De två sidoknapparna är lite för små, det funkar men var skönare med Rival 600 knapparna när man använder dom hela tiden. *Om jag sätter en viss färg (RGB) i scrollhjulet och sparar så glömmer den och går tillbaks till Orange färg efter omstart av Windows. Sammanfattning: Denna mus (Prime +) är för mig den i nuläget enda värdiga ersättaren till Rival 600. Rival 5 har högre DPI deviation än Rival 600 så jag ser den inte som en ersättare. Den har lite sämre ergonomi än Rival 600 för min större hand (storlek 11 i handskar) men är fortfarande bra och är i klass med dom bästa mössen. Lift-Off sensorn har inte fungerat lika bra som i Rival 600 och jag tycker den fungerar bättre med Lift-Off sensorn helt avstängd. Jag kan totalt sett ändå rekommendera musen därför att den har så otroligt bra precision.

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