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Razer Viper 8KHz Gaming Mouse

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Product description

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Achieve the next level of absolute control with the Razer Viper 8KHz, a two-handed e-gaming mouse with a true 8000 Hz polling rate for the fastest speed and lowest latency ever achieved. The mouse has been upgraded with 2nd generation Razer optical switches, so now you can play like the pros and give it your all.

Razer 8000Hz 8KHZ technology
With a true polling rate of 8,000 Hz, the mouse can communicate its position and clicks to your computer up to 8,000 times per second - with near-zero input lag and a level of speed you've never experienced before.

Razer Focus+ 20K DPI Optical sensor
With new intelligent features like Motion Sync and Asymmetric Shutdown, our sensor flawlessly tracks your movement without jerks, enabling fast response and pixel-precise accuracy.

2nd generation Razer Optical mouse switch
The improved polling rate maximizes the switches' potential so they register up to 8x faster, providing fast, clean gameplay with up to 70 million clicks without accidental double-clicking.

71g lightweight design
The mouse's sleek form factor is extremely easy to handle and doesn't compromise its solid build, enabling deft control that feels like a natural extension of your hand.

Advanced built-in memory
Be ready to compete anywhere with up to 5 stored profiles that give you access to optimal key binding layouts, macros and dual inputs via the Razer Hypershift feature.

Razer Speedflex Cable
The mouse provides more flexibility and is designed to produce minimal drag, allowing you to perform faster, smoother swipes for tighter mouse control.

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Our article number: 18419
Manuf. article number: RZ01-03580100-R3M1


Razer - The three-headed snake and the green color or Chorma lighting is something almost all gamers recognize. Razer is one of the most well-known brands in gaming which is a feat that is not undeserved. The long history of innovative products that have lifted the industry and won countless awards over the years proves time and time again why they are at the top.

Razer is one of the widest range of gaming products in the world with almost at least one product in each segment. With their large machinery, they have the opportunity to research, develop and produce products to superb quality. If you are looking for a product that does not disappoint in terms of, then Razer is for you.



Connection USB
Wireless No

Other information

Weight tuning No


Sensor Optical
DPI 16000 dpi
Number of buttons 8
Ambidextrous Yes
Backlight Yes, RGB
Scroll wheel Yes
Colour Black

Size & weight

Cable length 1.8 m
Width 57.6 mm
Depth 126.73 mm
Height 37.81 mm
Weight 71 g


Warranty 2 year warranty
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