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Lethal Gaming Gear LA-1 Superlight - Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black [Batch with Small Side Flex]

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Product description

PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesGaming miceWireless from Lethal Gaming Gear

The LA-1 (Lethal Ambidextrous-1) is the first mouse from Lethal Gaming Gear. The shape was their main focus with this gaming mouse. LGG wanted something original yet familiar so they took a look at their favorite beanie shapes and set out to shape their shape from the ground up while improving areas they felt other brands were a little off. They came up with a mid-sized mouse with a rear hump, narrow grip width, and non-offensive front flare that targets grip styles like claw and fingertip.

Once the shape and design were finalized, they sought out a veteran fabricator to help see the vision become reality. The LA-1 is a "super light" wireless gaming mouse packed with the latest technology and top-class components. They didn't want to make any sacrifices on this one and it's been a labor of love from the very beginning.

This mouse has a publicly acknowledged side flex issue. You are not able to warranrty the mouse for this specific issue. Returns are still accepted within the return window as stated in our policies

Article number:

Our article number: 22862
Manuf. article number: LGG-LA-1-B


LGG started in 2019 to provide the USA and Canada with peripherals and accessories for PC games that are difficult to obtain. People in these regions would no longer have to order from abroad and wait a month to get these products. Since then, LGG has grown to carry more and more products.

In 2021, they invested in developing their mouse pad line that primarily focuses on fabric quality without emptying your pockets. This is the culmination of a year of research, development and testing by us and professional aimers. LGG would like to extend a very humble thank you to all customers for supporting us and turning these mousepads into reality. We hope you like them!



Connection 2.4GHz, USB-C
Wireless Yes

Other information

Weight tuning No


Sensor model PixArt PAW3395
Sensor Optical
Switch type Huano Blue Shell Pink Dot
DPI 26000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Number of buttons 7
Scroll wheel Yes
Colour Black
IPS 650
Encoder TTC Gold
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
MCU Nordic nRF52840

Size & weight

Width 57 mm
Depth 122 mm
Height 38 mm
Weight 52 g


Warranty 2 year warranty
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