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Dareu is a Chinese peripheral brand with a strong technical reserve, a highly-skilled R&D team and an automated production workshop, quality assurance, excellent after-sales service, and unanimous recognition from the market. Dareu is devoting itself to the game industry, launching a variety of highly innovative products, leading the trend of the keyboard and mouse market, and becoming an outstanding representative of domestic brands.

As a well-known peripheral equipment brand in China, Dareu has always implemented the brand concept of InChina • And • Benefit The World. In 2013, Dareu became the only designated keyboard and mouse in the WCG2013 China Division, a well-known game event in the game industry. In 2014, after WCG announced its suspension, the IET Yiwu International E-Sports Competition inherited the mantle of WCG.

Carrying up the banner of a comprehensive e-sports competition, Dareu has become the designated partner of IET peripherals, sponsored the DOTA team VG, and became the only peripheral partner of ECL. Dareu fully supports the development of China's e-sports industry through its own efforts and brand influence.

With us you will find several different gaming accessories from Dareu, Dareu is perfect for you who want the very best but for a cheaper price.
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DAREU Blue Sky V2 Linear Switch (45-pack)
Blue Sky V2 Linear Switch (45-pack)
19.89 €
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DAREU Violet Gold V2 Tactile Switch (45-pack)
Violet Gold V2 Tactile Switch (45-pack)
19.89 €
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