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E-sport is on a strong upturn and Finalmouse is one of the companies that focuses particularly on everyone who likes to compete. As the name suggests, they make mice for gamers. Although they are designed to be used by professionals, nothing prevents an ordinary so-called "casual gamer" from exploiting all the benefits of their products. After all, everyone wants a light gaming mouse with incredible precision and high quality. 2015 and beyond, Finalmouse has begun to make a strong name in the industry with a number of sharp gaming mice, not least Scream One, Ultralight and Ninja Air58. Their perhaps most innovative gaming mouse is the Ultralight Pro, which is so light that it provides a totally revolutionary gaming experience. The comfort is somewhat out of the ordinary and the low weight favors quick movements that are common in so-called first-person shooters like Counterstrike.

Finalmouse strive to do everything on their own with their own software and detailed tests of each button, each sensor and each little detail. They leave nothing to chance. Both clicking and longer sweeping movements should provide the lowest possible response time and perfect precision. They say that your brain, your hand, and your aim are in perfect harmony with their mice. Although their products are lightweight, they have still put a lot of energy into sustainability. The mice are as strong as more traditional alternatives thanks to a self-developed cell structure in the material. In addition, the circuit board is smartly protected against external forces.

We are Finalmouse's only supplier in Europe and have worldwide shipping. We always offer the latest products from Finalmouse. If you want the easiest possible gaming mouse, you should definitely give the Ninja Air58 a chance. Only 58 grams sounds almost too good to be true, but the company has succeeded thanks to smart technical solutions. It is ergonomically designed, extremely comfortable and gives a feeling of almost no feeling at all. Once again, Finalmouse surprises with their innovative mice with a new impressive weight! Many believe that the future of gaming mice lies in weightlessness, rather than in other factors like wireless. In any case, it is no coincidence that many professional e-sportsmen use Finalmouse mice. Finalmouse mice are usually sold out in just a few hours after product release.

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Finalmouse Ultralight 2 - Cape Town
Ultralight 2 - Cape Town
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