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Tai-Hao PBT Doubleshot Shine-through 142-Key Keycap Set - Mykonos


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PC PeripheralsKeyboards & AccessoriesKeycaps from Tai-Hao

If it's time to upgrade your keycaps, Tai-Hao keycaps are the right product for you! Here is a full PBT Double-Shot set in the highest quality. ABS plastic is usually present when buying standard keyboards. PBT plastic adds a much better feel and durability. The package comes with many different extra keys to fit most keyboards.
  • Fits 60%, 65%, TKL and Full-Size layout
  • Cherry MX Switches Compatibl
  • Cubic OEM Profile
  • 104 keys + 30 add-on keys + 8 ISO-UK keys

Article number:

Our article number: 20320
Manuf. article number: 104T22RB602


Keycaps with quality from Tai-Hao - With very long experience of making keycaps since 1987, Tai-Hao really knows what they are doing. With an eye on gaming and the other keyboard enthusiasts, Tai-Hao has captured anyone looking for high-quality keycaps that want enhance the feel of their keyboard.

Keycaps are an easy way to give your keyboard a new look without having to invest in a whole new keyboard. With keycaps from Tai-Hao, not only will your keyboard look better, it will also perform better. With their long experience, they have had time to refine their keycaps that will increase your writing skills and increase your performance in gaming.



Compatibility 60%, 65%, 75%, Full-size, TKL


Language layout ANSI, ISO UK
Button material PBT Double-shot
Profile OEM
Colour Green, Turquoise
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