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AlohaKB Trailblazer All in One + NORDEUK Kit


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PC PeripheralsKeyboards & AccessoriesKeycaps from AlohaKB

AlohaKB Trailblazer All in One + NORDEUK Kit Keycap Set - a sublimely designed keycap set from prestigious AlohaKB and BA54. Taking inspiration from the games Starfield, Space Engineers and various movie games, the Trailblazer keycap has been designed with style and performance in mind. A mix of white and gray is used to create a timeless and professional look, while bright colors emphasize functionality. The round cartoon style of the icons and characters add a touch of personality that balances out the often monotonous and boring white and gray designs.

Thanks to the Cherry profile, PBT material and dye sublimation technology, this kit will not only perform, but look good too. AlohaKB Trailblazer All in One + NORDEUK Kit Keycap Set is the perfect accessory for your keyboard with personality and style.

Buy your set of Trailblazer keycaps and put a spacious touch on your keyboard. These keycaps are great for anyone who has an interest in space, gaming or custom keyboards.

Article number:

Our article number: 27664
Manuf. article number: TRAIL-ALL-NORDEUK


ALOHAKB is a manufacturer and vendor of the enthusiast-grade keyboard, keycaps, and other accessories in China.



Compatibility 60%, 65%, 75%, Full-size, TKL


Language layout ANSI, ISO German, ISO Nordic, ISO UK
Button material PBT
Profile Cherry
Colour Grey, White
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