PAC Charging Cable Lightning 1m Red LED Illuminated Cable -


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PAC Charging Cable Lightning 1m Red LED Illuminated Cable

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Product description

PC PeripheralsCables & adaptersUSB cable from PAC

USB A cables made with electroluminescent technology. The cable shows the current flow by glowing during charging. When your smartphone or tablet has a low battery, electricity flows quickly through the cable. But the more power your device gets, the slower the electricity moves, to eventually go out. And you are reminded that charging is complete. So you can pull out the cord. Something that most people often forget or simply ignore. Until now!

Why is it so important to pull out the cord? Well, because it leads to a whole host of positive consequences. First, it is not good for the battery in your device to overcharge. Second, appliances continue to draw power even when in standby mode. And thirdly, it is no secret that the environment is affected by excessive energy consumption.

Article number:

Our article number: 16043
Manuf. article number: PACLGTRED




Connection from USB-A (Male)
Connection to Lightning (Male)


Form factor Round
Colour Red

Size & weight

Cable length 1 m
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