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RØDE X XCM-50 - Bundle - USB Mikrofon för Streaming & Gaming + Fifine Popfilter


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PC PeripheralsHeadsets & AudioMicrophone from RØDE X

Capture every nuance of a vocal and every detail of an instrument with this condenser microphone from RØDE X.

Microphones are amazing pieces of technology. We speak, sing, shout or record into them and through electronic wizardry they enable us to amplify or record our performance. The best condenser microphones are the most transparent and sensitive types of microphones you can buy. That's why they are firm favorites in the studio.


A two-layer pop filter is essential for recording sounds such as vocals. A shock absorber provides the ultimate protection against vibrations when you get excited while streaming.

A pop filter is perfect when you are recording and want to reduce the pop sounds that can happen when you pronounce words with P's, B's, S's, Ch's and Z's, this pop filter has two layers which reduces the pop sounds even better.

Unify - The virtual solution of mixing for streaming & gaming.
When you use UNIFY with a Rode X microphone, all audio processing is handled by a powerful DSP chip inside the microphone, taking a load off your CPU and allowing you to hear everything in your headphones as it happens.

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Our article number: S1255
Manuf. article number: XCM50+F-POP-DL


The edge of magic can be spelled with the words RØDE X. RØDE is a global leader in audio technology with a mission to amplify the voices and visions of all the world's creators. With a history dating back over 50 years, RØDE is a uniquely Australian owned and operated company with a passion for innovation, an obsession with quality and an unwavering commitment to making incredible sound accessible to everyone. Since their inception, they've been at the forefront of creative technology, revolutionizing everything from home studio recording to filmmaking audio to podcasting with iconic products that continue to inspire.



Colour Black, Red


Warranty 2 year warranty
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