Pwnage Stormbreaker Magnesium Wireless Gaming Mouse - White -


Pwnage Stormbreaker Magnesium Wireless Gaming Mouse - White


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Product description

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Experience one of the world's most exotic & cutting edge gaming mice.

This new gaming mouse from Pwnage is made with premium magnesium. Experience the Stormbreaker under your fingertips and unlock your full aim potential. This mouse is ultra durable with zero flex due to it's magnesium shell. Definetely a more sturdy mouse than you average plastic one. Weight on the mouse market has become a vanity metric like DPI resolution levels. The Stormbreaker has been engineered and fine tuned for the lowest density possible based on the volume and shape of the mouse.

Customizable Sensor Position for Optimal Aim
Optimal sensor position is unique to each person. Optimal meaning the lowest margin of error when flicking from point A to point B. Instead of adjusting to a mouse, We want our mouse to adjust to you. Optimize and maximize your aim accuracy.

Proven Increased Accuracy and Aim Control
Featuring the latest patented sensor adjustment technology to fine-tune to your specific preferences. From front-to-back sensor positions, offering up to 14% of through-put (speed and accuracy) and reduces path deviation while aiming up to 23%.

The StormBreaker also offers true 2000Hz polling rate, not interpollated or double reporting. Compared to traditional 1000Hz polling rate mice, a 2000Hz mouse offers a much more responsive and accurate gaming experience. The higher polling rate allows movement to be tracked more accurately, and enables faster reaction times. This can be beneficial in games where precision and speed are important, such as first person shooters and real time strategy games. A 2000Hz mouse also offers improved tracking on high resolution monitors, and can make a difference in games that require fast, precise mouse movements.

Passion Never Dies. Break All Limits with the StormBreaker.

Article number:

Our article number: 23192
Manuf. article number: MAG-S-W


Pwnage is recognized for its ongoing work to challenge the boundaries of gaming when it comes to both performance and quality. Their main objective is to create products that not only meet users' needs but also pave the way for innovation to further enhance performance and user experience.

By focusing on creating accessories that generate passion and engagement, Pwnage strived to not only satisfy its users but to truly create a deep sense of connection between users and their products. By actively building and nurturing a strong community of enthusiastic gamers, Pwnage not only takes into account the views and feedback of its customers but also strives to create an interactive platform where the gaming community can be involved in the process of designing and developing new products. This commitment to community permeates Pwnage's work, creating a unique experience that truly appeals to the needs and desires of the gaming community.



Battery life 120+ h


Connection 2.4GHz, USB-C
Wireless Yes


Sensor model Pixart PAW3395
Sensor Optical
Switch type Omron
DPI 26000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Number of buttons 5
Scroll wheel Yes
Colour White
Polling Rate 2000 Hz

Size & weight

Width 64 mm
Depth 122 mm
Height 42 mm
Weight 53 g


Warranty 1 year warranty
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