Gaming mice

No tool is as important to a gamer as the mouse. It makes sure that your aim, speed and control properly reflects your thoughts and hand-movements. It doesn’t matter how good your aim is if you can’t get the crosshair where you want it.

There are a few of things to consider when buying a new gaming-mouse, sensor-type, hand size, grip-style and weight determines how the mouse feels and performs in your hand. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help!

Most gamers today still prefer a corded mouse, the reasons being low, consistent latency and to avoid having to charge the mouse. We also offer a wide variety or wireless mice for the gamer who wish to get rid of clutter but still want to retain the agility and high precision of a gaming-mouse. An avid FPS-Gamer will want to consider precision and agility while a gamer who prefers RPGs and MOBAs will want a mouse that has lots of customizable buttons.

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